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Slide is diverse in world view, culture, language, gender identity, ability and interests and this is how we learn together. #mpscpssd GUIDE GRAPHIC ABSTRACT NOT MPSC Flourishing Schools Book

Slide Aspirational Learning Goals In Prairie Spirit, our students and adults learn without limits in a world of possibilities, supporting one another, challenging one another and celebrating our learning together. Bookmarks Strategic Plan

Slide students and adults Learning for Life Achieve high levels of student and adult learning, inspired by high expectations, collaboration, engagement and real world application. L4L Map Slide Learning Menu Emily Hartl, Alana Raison, and Dave Read bring their Gr.4 classes together each morning to enjoy a learning menu. Slide Playful Storytelling Jen Mason uses playful storytelling to invite her students to explore complex ideas like treaty relationships, diversity, and numbers to 1000. Slide Jamming Friday Kendra Worman uses "jamming Friday" at MHS to support rigour, relevance, engagement, and relationships. Slide Social Justice Projects Jaren Vetter invites his ELA B30 students at Delisle Comp to explore social justice issues. Slide Talk for Writing Kelly Leidl has used Talk for Writing to help her grade ones learn the structures of story telling. Slide Knowledge Sharing Fair Kelli White's Gr. 6 students at Aberdeen School share their learning with peers, parents, staff, and community members. Slide The Workshop Model Teachers Breanne Collin and Jamie Olson discuss The Workshop Model and their learning journey as a learning team.

Slide Prairie Spirit Reads Saskatchewan Reads is a companion document to the English Language Arts Grades 1, 2, and 3 curricula. It was created based on sound research, focusing on instructional approaches, assessment and intervention. COMPANION GUIDE SASK READS

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Slide AGILE LEADERSHIP What makes my job so exciting are the opportunities I have to be innovative in my teaching, to grow as an educator, to collaborate and connect with other educational professionals. . . I work in an environment where I am professionally flourishing. . T. Eaglesham, 2nd year teacher PURPOSEFUL HIRING PRESENTATION PAPER VIDEO SANDRA HERBST

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